Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vote for Bob Lee and prove Doug Lea wrong!

In explaining why he is not seeking another term on the JCP SE/EE Executive Committee, Doug Lea encourages us to prove him wrong about the growing irrelevance of the Java Community Process.

The best hope for proving Doug wrong lies with folks who have experience working on JSRs that weren't simply rubber stamps — and Bob Lee is the best of those folks. Bob is running for one of two open seats on the SE/EE EC against Azul, Eclipse, Google, and three others, and (if you're a member of the JCP) I urge you to vote for him.

Bob is running as an individual, which means that his votes will not be tied to the commercial and legal interests of a large corporation, but will instead reflect his personal expertise and judgment about the best interests of the Java community.

There's no denying that the JCP has been moribund for too long, and that Oracle's ham-handed moves have made the prospect of a true revitalization far less likely than anyone expected a year or so ago. But it's worth a shot, and I don't know anyone better equipped to help make that shot than Bob Lee. (Except Doug Lea, of course, but that's water under the bridge.)