Monday, June 14, 2010

Google Collections is dead, long live Guava!

Kevin Bourrillion wants to get the word out: Google Collections is dead, long live Guava! Guava is a proper superset of Google Collections, so the passing of the latter is cause to rejoice, not mourn.

I've only scratched the surface of Guava in my own work on Seat Yourself, but I can tell already that it makes large parts of our "common" code unnecessary. Being able to replace your own code with a well-tested open source library is a wonderful thing, like getting someone else to mow the lawn for free.

In what feels to me like a dark time, as big companies privately negotiate the fate of Java and the JCP, Google's ongoing and generous investment in and championing of open Java-related technologies (Guava, GWT, GAE/J, Android, to name a few) is a welcome bright spot. Without their work ... well, I'd still be a Java developer, but I'd probably be looking for a way out.

That I'm still enthusiastic about coding in Java, in spite of the murky politics, is largely due to my friends at Google, which should tell you something.