Saturday, September 15, 2007

Replacing AjaxFilter with MethodInterceptor

I wrote the previous posting without referring to DWR-Guice integration but in practice I extended org.directwebremoting.guice.AbstractDwrModule, not

For DWR-Guice users, the nice thing about injectable method interceptors is that you can use them to replace most uses of AjaxFilter, which is a good thing because the AjaxFilter support in the DWR-Guice stuff is weak (mea culpa).

I had to write some support utilities to get the right effect, but now I can do something like this:

subclassesOf(VulnerableService.class), // class matcher
declaredBy(VulnerableService.class), // method matcher
// prevent nested interception
outermostCall(new AuthenticationInterceptor()),
outermostCall(new AuthorizationInterceptor())
and AuthenticationInterceptor is injected, so that it can look like
class AuthenticationInterceptor 
implements MethodInterceptor {
@Inject Provider<RequestParameters> reqParmsProvider;
@Inject Provider<AuthenticationService> authSvcProvider;
public Object invoke(MethodInvocation invocation)
throws Throwable {
RequestParameters reqParms = reqParmsProvider.get();
AuthenticationService authSvc = authSvcProvider.get();
if (authSvc.authenticate(reqParms))
return invocation.proceed();
throw new AuthenticationException(reqParms);
The subclassesOf matcher is part of Guice. The declaredBy matcher and the outermostCall interceptor decorator are custom implementations that I'll describe in a later posting.

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